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This agreement covers all subscribers to the service (jaah - System as a Service) and its website, owned and operated by cloud automation for information technology. Using the Service means agreeing to the terms of this agreement as well as any future amendments to this agreement, which will be published in accordance with future additional amendments.

Please, read this agreement carefully before subscribing to the service (jaah - System as a Service) or any part of it, because subscribing means agreeing to the terms and conditions contained therein, and if you do not agree to all the terms and conditions contained in this agreement or any updated copies of it, you must not use the Service or any part thereof as this agreement between the user and Cloud Automation is limited only to the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement.


1. A. “Cloud Automation for Information Technology” that will be referred to as (the Service Provider), is an existing organization that operates in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its head office in Al-Kharj and its address: 2826 Prince Salman Bin Muhammad Street - Al Dulm 16323 - 7152 Saudi Arabia.

2. B. “Autok” that will be referred to as (the Service), which is an enterprise resource management software service based on the cloud computing model, whose characteristics and features are mentioned on the official website of the service. Note that the service is provided in the form of different levels according to the customer's request.

3. C. “Subscriber” is the individual or entity (whether commercial, governmental or non-profit) to whom the Service is provided.

4. D. “jaah site” that will be referred to as “the site” is a website that contains information, visual and audio files to introduce the service, an explanation of its features, ways of using them, the method of subscribing to them, in addition to the subscriber’s login page.

5. E. “Optional Services” is any additional service affiliated with the jaah service and stated on the site, such as remote support service, installation and training.

6. F. “Remote Support” is an optional part of the jaah service that the subscriber can request as mentioned on the site.

7. G. “The usage” means the subscriber’s access to the service for the purpose of using its features that include accounting, human resource management, buying and selling and all other services included in the package chosen by the subscriber.

The conditions:

1. Duration of the Agreement

The agreement starts from acknowledging the content of this agreement and remains effective as long as the subscriber is committed to paying the subscription fees mentioned on the site. In the event of a breach of the terms of this agreement, the service provider has the right to cancel the subscription and delete the subscriber's data.

2. Payment and renewal

The optional paid service or services such as remote support, installation or training require the subscriber to enter the site and choose “subscription” or “add” and in the event that he does so, the subscriber agrees to pay the service provider the fees mentioned for that service monthly or annually as indicated to it in the service description. The fees for the services will be deducted in advance on the day the subscription or upgrade is made to cover the use of the service for the stipulated period, and no compensation will be made for the remaining period unless specified in the service description.

3. Automatic renewal

Unless the subscriber notifies the service provider through the site before the end of the applicable subscription period of his desire to cancel the subscription or upgrade, the subscription will automatically be renewed with its current features and authorize the service provider to collect subscription fees, whether annually or monthly as indicated in the service description using credit cards or any payment method registered by the subscriber with the service provider or cash payment. The subscriber can modify the subscription features by communicating with the service provider.

4. Security precautions

The Subscriber shall take security precautions to prevent access to the Service by unauthorized persons. This includes not sharing the login link, user names and passwords with anyone, as the service provider does not guarantee any damage due to the subscriber's failure to take all necessary precautions to protect his access information.

The subscriber must not attempt to illegally enter the site, copy, modify or leak site data, change its designs, damage, modify, monopolize its address, impede, distort or disable access to the site and bear legal responsibility in case it causes any damage to the site.

5. Support

During the subscription period, the service provider will provide technical support to the subscriber as described in this clause during the work periods announced on the site and as the service provider deems appropriate, the support includes: (1) phone or electronic means in order to assist the subscriber and understand the problem and help him solve it (2) Making updates, improvements, or other changes related to the service without additional costs to the subscriber, or costs in the event of a request for an update or addition that is not agreed upon.

6. Maintenance

The subscriber agrees that the service provider will carry out the necessary maintenance from time to time in order to upgrade, add new features, backup or fill security gaps, if any, and this may be accompanied by suspension of the service not exceeding one and a half days per month, and it takes place during the weekends and in the event of an increase for the period of the aforementioned period, the subscriber will be compensated by extending his subscription, equivalent to twice the number of days of service interruption.

7. Save data

The subscriber acknowledges that in the event that he stops using the service, whether because of his request or because of the cessation of paying the subscription fees, the service provider will give a period of three days to pay the fees while allowing the subscriber to take advantage of all the capabilities of the service and access his data. In the event of non-payment of the fee due after the expiration of the previous period, then the service provider has the right to stop the subscription, and after seven days the subscription is canceled and the consequent erasure of all the subscriber's data, and the subscriber acknowledges that if he resumes the subscription after the mentioned periods, there is no guarantees to restore previous data. In the event that the subscriber subscribes to the trial package, the data will be erased immediately after the end of the trial period.

8. Violations of intellectual property laws

The service provider respects property rights and requires the subscriber and the visitor to observe those rights. If the subscriber or visitor finds that there is content related to him that violates intellectual property laws, he may send a notice to the service provider and the service provider will respond by removing the content or any link to it within the site.

This Agreement does not transfer to the subscriber or visitor by the Service Provider any intellectual property rights related to the Service Provider or the Service or any third party in which the Service Provider retains its rights. “” “”, including the logos, graphics and trademarks used in the service, is registered to the service provider or other parties. The use of the service by the subscriber or the visitor does not give the right or license to reproduce or use any of the Service provider's trademarks.

9. Disclaimer

The service is provided “as it is” and the service provider and its suppliers do not provide any explicit or implicit guarantees for the performance resulting from the use of the service or the site, including but not limited to, quality or suitability for any specific purpose, integrity, non-penetration, or loss of data. 

The Provider shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the Subscriber or any third party caused by the Service or the site under this agreement, or for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, whether based on this agreement or on any other legal theory arising from use of the Service or the site or operate under this agreement.

10. Compensation

The Subscriber agrees not to harm the Service Provider or its property, its contractors, its licensors, its directors, employees, representatives and agents, and bears all costs of claims and expenses incurred in the event of proof of damage and breach of the Agreement, including attorneys' fees.

11. The agreement is not transferable

This agreement is exclusive to Subscriber and shall not assign or transfer any rights or obligations under this Agreement to any third party.

12. The amendment

The Service Provider has the right, as it deems appropriate, to modify or replace any part of this Agreement, and it is the responsibility of the Subscriber to review any updates to this Agreement periodically, as the Provider will publish and announce the change to the e-mail registered by the Subscriber and represents the continuation of the Subscriber. Or the visitor by entering the site or using the service tacit approval of the modifications. In the future, the Service Provider may add some additional features and features to the site or the Service itself, such as new functionality, tools, content, or reports. All such features and features are subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

13. Termination of the Agreement

If the subscriber wishes to stop the service, he can do so simply by not paying the subscription or informing the service provider directly through the website or the service provider's means of communication. In this case, the subscriber's data will be deleted as stipulated in Article (7). The service provider is also entitled to inform the subscriber of the suspension of the service and give him a month to be able to copy his data without giving reasons. All clauses of the contract that by their nature survive termination of the agreement, including but not limited to indemnities, warranties, and disclaimers.

14. Privacy

With regard to the service, the service provider is keen to respect the privacy of the subscriber and all his data that he entered while using the service and not to access his account or view it or copy the data he entered except at his request for the purpose of facilitating his work or training.

With regard to the site, the service provider collects data that does not identify the subscriber or visitor and that Internet browsers usually send, such as browser type, preferred language, type of operating system, time and date of the request, for the purpose of knowing how subscribers or visitors interact with the site in addition to publishing summary general statistics on usage that do not associated with a particular person.

The service provider records the Internet addresses of visitors (IP) or subscribers, whose identity you may know, but does not disclose them except as mentioned in the rest of the article below.

The service provider keeps the data necessary to subscribe to the service, which the subscriber enters during the registration process, such as the subscriber’s name, email, contact information, payment or other data. On behalf of the service provider or providing the requested service to the subscriber (2) and they have acknowledged not to disclose such information to third parties. Certain employees, contractors or affiliated organizations may be outside the country of the subscriber or visitor and use of the Service constitutes acceptance of the transfer of such data abroad. The service provider will not rent or sell any of the visitors or subscribers data to any party except for what is mentioned above or in compliance with a judicial order or an official government order.

The service provider reserves the right to send e-mail messages to the subscriber from time to time in order to inform him of new features or important information related to the service, the site or the service provider, or to request his views on the service. The service provider also keeps publishing some of its responses or inquiries regarding the service or the site (such as requests for technical support) for the purpose of assisting other subscribers or marketing for the service after removing all information that may lead to the subscriber's knowledge.

A cookie is a text file that websites store on the user's device that the browser makes available to the website every time it is visited in order to identify the visitor and save his preferences. The service provider uses cookies on the site for the purpose of knowing which pages are most visited by the subscriber or visitor and to save his preferences. In the event that the subscriber or visitor does not want the cookie file, he can prevent this through the browser settings, bearing in mind that some parts of the site or the service may not work fully.

15. Business transition

If the service provider or parts of his business are acquired by a third party (another company, for example), the information of subscribers or visitors is considered an asset that is transferred to the third party. Subscriber acknowledges that this is a given and that the third party may use Subscriber information as described in this agreement.

In the event of the provider’s bankruptcy or exit from the market, the service provider is obligated to give the subscriber the authority to access his dedicated server to copy his data for a full month from the date of bankruptcy or exit.

16. Remote support

If this optional service is requested by the subscriber, a specialized supporter will be appointed by the service provider to provide support services to the subscriber as mentioned in the service description on the site.

The subscriber agrees to provide the remote supporter with all the information necessary to carry out his work, and in the event that the subscriber delays providing the remote supporter with that information, the service provider shall not bear any failure resulting from that delay.

The subscriber is aware that part of the work of the remote supporter is to enter the server of the subscriber to complete the support operations (if this option is requested), and therefore the subscriber must create a special username and give the necessary authority to the remote supporter in order to carry out his work related to the optional services.

The subscriber is aware that the main and approved means of communication for the supporter service depends on e-mail, and the phone can be used if the subscriber wishes to inquire or request some clarifications about the service. But if the client wishes to meet with the sponsor or schedule periodic visits, this can be provided with additional fees and according to the available space in the supporter’s schedule.

The subscriber agrees that the dates for communicating with the supporter concerned are working days from Sunday to Thursday from nine in the morning until five in the evening, except for holidays and official holidays.

The service provider has the right to appoint an alternative supporter for the subscriber for circumstances the service provider deems appropriate - due to the leave or illness of the current supporter, for example - without this being considered a breach of this agreement.

The subscriber agrees that the advice or recommendations provided by the supporter on the way to use the service does not entail any damages to the service provider or the competent supporter in the event the subscriber applies them and does not obtain the expected results as detailed in item No. 9.

17. Training

If this optional service is requested, the subscriber will be provided with explanatory recordings or training sessions will be scheduled as detailed on the site and agreed upon.

The subscriber agrees that if he is unable to attend the training session at the agreed time, he must inform the service provider of a request to change the training date at least 24 hours before the agreed time. In the event that the subscriber does not commit to attending on time, the appointment will be counted among the training sessions That have been fulfilled.

The training at the customer’s headquarter service may not be available in all regions, and the service provider has the right to refuse to provide training in geographical locations outside its coverage or provide it remotely.

18. Applicable Laws

Disputes or claims of violation of this Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.