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Jaah Digital Transformation Map

The Knowledge


Be fully aware of how the organization or company works (business flow), we need a business analyst in order to try to fix all the errors. and then to pass on the requirements and knowledge to the software team at jaah to implement a digital transformation at the highest level.

The Strategy 


After collecting and analyzing the information, we can move in clear lines to the preparation stage for the implementation of digital transformation. The strategy means the method of implementing digital transformation, and choosing between digital transformation systems as a service or building a system completely customized for the organization. If a ready-made system is available that fully meets the needs, it is the best option because building a special system may cost a lot.


The Feedback

Whether you decide to build the system or subscribe to a system ready to go into your organization or your company, in the world of digital transformation, you must now start recording all your observations and system weaknesses for yourself, and then send them to the company developing the system, in conjunction with evaluating the work that has been automated within the organization and the saved expenses and mistakes, investing in technology has a high cost, but the benefits are often more.

The Updates


After you record and send your comments, the service provider must support you with the required development, but all this depends on the initial agreement. After development, it is finally time to start moving all of your organization's staff, financial and non-financial documents into your new electronic system and start exploring new dimensions.