jaah Law firm management ERP

The most important features :

  Case and contract management     Easiest to Use 

 Dedicated to Saudi    Linked to e-mail & WhatsApp

 Customers Portal For Their Data   Built in Website    Financial System

 Automatic analysis of expenses and profits

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jaah Law ERP

The system help lawyers to manage law offices in an easier and faster way, through which they can manage all legal cases, follow up on clients, employees, and appointments scheduled...

Case Management :

 Managing And Organize All Cases and their related information

Create cases, Case Bill, Live Cost Analysis & More....


1. Contract Management :

Recording the contracts, the time period and the number of operations carried out on the contract in terms of consultations and cases.

Adjust and add all customer data to the contract, contract start date, contract end date, contract completion percentage and contract summary.

Adjusting and adding the financial data to the contract from the contract value, following up on the invoiced and not invoiced values of the contract, and the contract value payment method.

Linking the contract with all the data associated with it, such as legal advice, cases, financial invoices, and others.

2. Consulting :

Adding, managing and following up on legal advice and linking it to concluded contracts or without contracts.


Support consulting requests with direct documentation within the system and assigning the advice to a specific advisor within the system and following it up


The text of the consultation can be added for further documentation or refer to it at any time when needed


You can invoice the consultation fees directly with the click of a button and follow up on the accounting payment of its value, or link it to a previous contract.

3. Customer Requests :

Before you accept work on any case, review the client's request and client data for better organization.

 Manage All Customer
 TASK Assigning 


4. Legal Library :

Adding and managing law articles

  1. The possibility of amending articles and laws and adding new ones.

  2. A Legal library that includes laws and legal materials with their classification and numbers, supported by an advanced search mechanism to facilitate access to it


5. Document Management :

 Manage Your Document With AI


 Add Documents

You can add any attachments or documents from any screen in the system with ease and in any format.  

 Classification and Archiving

Documents are archived and classified automatically thanks to the support of the legal management system in the integrated document management unit.

 Search And Retrieve Data

You can easily search for any document archived in the system through the advanced search and filtering features.  

6. Website :

We support law firms with a website linked to the system, which provides additional features and keeps pace with digital development.


7. Notifications And Alerts :


Sending notifications via e-mail and WhatsApp of appointments to customers and users

invoices & Bills

Send invoices and documents to customers via e-mail and WhatsApp from within the system

Activities Alerts 

Send All Activities Alerts Of All To Users to be Done Via E-mail And WhatsApp Automated

Client Notifications 

Send notifications to the client, lawyer for case as dates, place, duration sessions, case

8. Dynamic Reports :

PDF / Excel

Issuing and printing all financial reports in Excel / PDF format.

Provides the administrator with real-time reports and analyzes for all sections in the system with the ability to assign reports to each user according to his field of work and add new reports

Creating New Reports

The administrator can create new reports and analytical charts as needed in any section of the system to facilitate business analysis and obtain important strategic reports as soon as possible.


9. Financial Management :

We support this system with a financial management system that includes an accounting system that includes electronic invoicing approved by the Zakat and Tax Authority and Saudi Customs.

Government Accreditation

Approved by the Saudi Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.

Invoices For All Customers

All clients and suppliers and their accounts in one system.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Adding and adjusting bank accounts and following up on the movements made on them.

Payments Management

Smoothly manage receivables and payments.

And others like:


10. HR Management :

Tasks and business management : Planning and managing the tasks of employees and assigning them and following up on their agenda

Manage employee files and contracts: Create employee files and add all information related to them and raise and manage contracts, documents and papers related to each employee’s file

Attendance management: Attendance management with the smart fingerprint feature and the ability to link the system with the fingerprint devices.

Manage leave requests:   Raise leave requests and allocate vacation days, official and sick leaves.

11.  Users Register :

Recording and Documentation:

The system automatically records all the movements made by the user on the system.


This feature covers all sections of the system, including law and finance, employees and others.


Documentation and recording add another level of data protection, security and confidentiality internally.


You can search for changes to a specific field within the system so that the system will show you all the modifications that have been made to it.


12. Cloud Systems !

Our system enables you to access the system seamlessly from all devices and from anywhere.


We are here to understand your need

provide the best technology systems that

support your facility in all its departments.

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