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Accounting & Reporting

Government approved e-billing, and more...

Your Accountant is Jaah!!

Get an "online accountant" from Jaah Company, which is approved by the zatca in billing services, and has experience in providing accounting & management systems for companies and individuals.

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We provide accounting services at a low and carefully studied cost to rid you of many operations and employment problems according to the highest international accounting standards.

Accountant Services


invoicing according to Zatca Requirements

Issuing accounting reports and budgets.

Recording, analyzing expenses.

Issuance Tax declaration.

With absolute speed, accuracy and privacy

Simple comparison & real numbers:

You pay about 60,000 to 70,000 annually, salaries and allowances for the accountant.

The best alternative costs you approximately 30% Annually of this amount, & you will save approximately 45,000 Annually.