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What is  jaah Law System?

What is legal management?

What is the financial management of jaah Law System?

Key Features

 Matters and contracts management

Easy to use

 Compatible with Saudi regulations

 Integration with Email and WhatsApp

 Customer portal

 A website integrated into the system 

 Integrated financial system

 Automated financial analysis

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jaah Law

The system helps lawyers to manage law firms in the easiest and fastest way, through which they can manage all legal cases.

Follow customers, employees, scheduled appointments......

Law Firm Management Program - Matters Management

Managing and organize matters and their details with unprecedented professionalism. Create matters, invoice, analysis of matters costs and profits and More>>

1. contract management

Registration of contracts, the time period and the number of operations performed on the contract from consultations and matters.


Control and add all clients data to contract, start date, end date and completion ratio.


Integrate the contract to all associated data such as legal consultations, cases, financial invoices, etc.


Control and add the financial data to the contract from the contract value and follow-up on the invoiced and not invoiced amounts and the mechanism for payment of the contract's value.

2. Consulting

Add, manage and follow up legal consultations and integrate them to contracts or work without contracts.


Support consulting requests with documenting them directly within the system and assign the request to a particular consultant and follow it up.


Adding the consulting text for more documentation for reference anytime you need it.


Invoicing consultation fees directly by clicking on a button and following up the accounting payment.

3. Acceptance of clients' requests

For better organization, check the reasoning of the request before converting it into a matter.

  • Manage all clients and their files
  • Assignment and follow-up of tasks
  • Integrated documentation

4. Legal Library

Adding and administering laws

The possibility of adding and amending the new laws and articles.
 The library includes laws and articles, their classification and their numbers supported by an advanced search mechanism to facilitate access.

5. Documents Management

Documents management with the help of artificial intelligence

Adding Documents

You can add any attachments or documents in any format (Pictures, Word, PDF, etc...) from any screen in the system.

Advanced Search

You can find any attachment or document in the system by searching even by using text within an image.

Classification and Archiving

Automatically archive and classify all document contents thanks to the integration of the legal department with documents management that is integrated with artificial intelligence.

6. Website

We offer law offices a website integrated with the system, allowing additional features and keeping abreast of digital development.

7. Alerts and Notifications


Send notifications via email and WhatsApp include appointment time and its date to customers and users.


Send invoices and documents to customers via email and WhatsApp from within the system.


Send task alerts to all users via email and WhatsApp automatically.

Client Notifications

Send notifications to the client and the lawyer regarding matters and trials and their appointments.

8. Dynamic Reports

Real-Time Analysis

Provide the Administration with instantaneous reports and analyses for all departments with the possibility of allocating reports to each user according to its area of work.

Creation of new reports

Create new reports and analytical charts as needed in any department to business analysis and obtain important strategic reports as soon as possible.

PDF / Excel

Issuance and printing of all financial reports in Excel and PDF format.

9. Financial Management

We support the legal system with an integrated financial management system that includes an accounting system that includes electronic invoices approved by Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.

Government Approved Invoices

Approved by Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.

Invoices for All

All customers and suppliers' accounts in one system.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Adding and adjusting bank accounts and adjusting their movements.

Payments Management

Managing receivable and payable and payments smoothly.

10. Human Resources Management

Task and Business Management: Planning, managing and assigning all staff members' tasks and following up on the completion of their work.

Staff's files and contracts management: Create staff files and add all relevant data, upload and manage their contracts, documents, and all outstanding papers for each staff member's file.

Attendance management: Managing attendees with smart fingerprint and the ability to connect the system to fingerprint devices.

Management of leave requests: Lift leave requests and allocate regular, official and sick leave days.

11. Users' Records


The system automatically records all of the user's movements on the system.


This feature covers all sections of the system including lawyers, finance, personnel, etc.


Documentation and registration add another level of internal data protection, security and confidentiality.


You can search for specific data changes within the system to show you all the modifications made.

12. work from anywhere

Our systems work in cloud, enabling you to access the system smoothly from all devices and from anywhere in the world.

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