jaah ERP


Automatic Analysis, Management

comprehensive control from anywhere and anytime simply!

A System compatible with all devices

Direct Reports

Fully automatic reporting screen that analyzes all company data every 5 minutes

In a moment

Integrated analysis of all data

On one page

Comprehensive system for all departments

The world is in your hand

Access the system from anywhere in the world

Analysis & Money...!

 We strive with you to achieve the highest net profit value by accurately analyzing and studying the work flow within your entire company, discovering weaknesses and controlling expenses. Thus, providing the most suitable ERP system for your facility in size.

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jaah Financial Solutions

Get advanced important financial reports with the click of a button and within seconds.

 Cost center management: Calculating costs and human resources for the projects with the most accurate details.

Expense Management: Integrated automation of expense requisition approval, disbursement and analysis.

Payroll Management:  Automatic salary calculation through the financial integration and attendance system.

Quality and accounting link

Integrated linkage, accounting and operation, site linkage and business automation.

Customers Portal:  Enabling customers and suppliers to access their financial data automatically.

Asset Management:  Asset management and consumption restrictions automatically in many ways with all dynamics.

E-Invoicing:  Electronic E-invoicing compatible and approved by the zakat, tax and customs Authority.