Requirements for electronic billing stages in Saudi Arabia
مراحل تطبيق الفوترة الإلكترونية و متطلباتها

Requirements For The Electronic Invoicing Stages In Saudi Arabia

In the light of what the world is witnessing in development and reducing dependence on cash payment, this calls for the need for companies to keep pace with modern technical means, including electronic invoicing systems, which are known as low-cost systems in creating invoices in a completely electronic way.

Owing to that,  Saudi Arabia started to apply electronic invoicing in two stages, the issuance stage and the linkage and integration stage, where there are conditions and requirements for each of them that we must be aware of .

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The First Stage (The Issuance Stage)

First Stage Requirements

Ensure that the facility is equipped with a system compatible with the requirements of electronic invoicing.

Issuing electronic invoices and keeping them through electronic invoicing systems and not issuing handwritten invoices.

Ensure that all tax invoice components are present.

Electronic Invoices May Be Tax Or Simplified Tax, So What is the Difference Between The Elements That They Include?

Tax invoice
It is the invoice that is often issued from one facility to another. The value-added tax registration number of the buyer is added if he is registered in the value-added tax. And the title "Tax Invoice" is used.
Optionally, a QR code can be added.

 Simplified Tax Invoices
It is the invoice that is often issued from a facility to an individual. It is an obligation to add the QR code through the technical solution in accordance with the requirements of electronic invoicing, as well as the title "Simplified Tax Invoice" and the invoice number.

The Second Stage (The linkage and Integration)

Second Stage Requirements

The requirements for this stage include all the requirements of the first stage in addition to the following:

Establishing the facility for the process of integration and linking with the authority.

                                        Issuing all electronic invoices in a format that is compatible with electronic systems (XML, PDF/A-3).

                                     Invoices must contain tamper-prevention features such as (encryption function, digital seal), and some other technical characteristics (such as the UUID).

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