Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As the business grows, it becomes necessary to have one central place where all the important information about customers is located, for example, who are they? How did they interact with the institution? How do we communicate with them? And who are our potential customers? To solve this problem, customer relationship management systems were developed. CRM is defined as the combination of strategy and technology to build and improve business relationships with customers to acquire leads, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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What Is Meant By Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

They are the principles, practices, and guidelines that the organization follows when interacting and dealing with its customers. From the organization's point of view, this relationship includes direct interaction with customers, such as operations related to sales and services, and forecasting and analyzing customer trends and behaviors. CRM systems collect customer data through various communication channels which can include the company's website, telephone, live chat, social networking sites, and others.


What Are The Objectives Of CRM?

The main objective of CRM is to build positive customer experiences to maintain customer loyalty so that the company can create a growing customer base. It is a management philosophy in which the objectives of the company can be best achieved by identifying and satisfying the stated and unstated needs of customers.

What Are The Main Responsibilities  Of CRM?

                   Customer data collection and retention

The CRM collects various data such as name, age, income level, residence, contact information, preferences, and consumption behavior of them, and then this information is kept in special databases

 Managing communications between the organization and customer

The CRM is the organization’s interface to its customers, as it is the responsible for direct communication with customers through telephone communications or direct communications with employees, and is responsible for written communications such as messages by e-mail, in addition to receiving customer feedback and complaints,  then take the appropriate action or refer to the appropriate authority in order to solve the problem.

​ Track customer records

                                           The CRM tracks customers' activity, from asking them about the product they are purchasing or the service they are benefiting from, so that this data is used in building the various marketing strategies of the organization

What Are CRM Systems?

A computerized system that aims to identify, target and retain the best customer mix. CRM systems help in identifying customers, understanding their needs and building relationships with them by providing them with the most suitable products and improving customer service.

What Is The Importance Of CRM Systems?

Reach Potential Clients:

After attracting new potential customers and their data becomes available on the system, both sales and marketing departments will have a complete view of these customers to be able to create and target attractive communications to convert them into real customers.

Strengthening The Relationship With Existing Client

CRM systems help you to develop a deep understanding of your customers' goals, challenges, and preferences. After that  you can provide them with the best offers and recommendations.

Features Of CRM System

Faster development and automatic data update.

Greater efficiency and scalability.

Easy access to data from anywhere.​ 

Increased productivity and cross-departmental collaboration.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is available within the systems provided by Jaah. 

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