How to become a customs savior
كيف تصبح مخلصاً جمركياً؟ شروط الحصول على الرخصة و مراحل التخليص الجمركي

Customs Broker...

This profession is considered one of the most important customs works, as the customs broker documents the customs data of the goods, which requires him to be qualified for this task and be honest, trustworthy and faithful, to clear all matters pending in customs flexibly and easily, which helps in saving time and effort as well as money.

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What Is Customs Clearance?

Documenting customs data for incoming, outgoing and transiting goods in accordance with the customs procedures stipulated in the unified customs system.

Who Is The Customs Broker?

Customs broker is every person licensed to engage in customs clearance work, prepare customs data, sign and submit them to the customs office, and complete customs procedures for clearing goods for third parties.

What Are The Most Important Customs Brokers Tasks?

Ensuring that the import or export process meets all conditions and laws.

Extract all papers and documents needed by the customs clearance process.

Obtaining all health approvals.

Determining financial fees and taxes.

Providing assistance with the business, as a result of their experience and great contact with different businesses, so they can give you some guidance on transportation and warehousing operations, as well as some administrative instructions for your project.

Providing transportation and shipping services. The customs broker can suggest a number of different parties that can help you complete the order at the lowest prices, as a result of the customs broker’s extensive relations.

What Are The Conditions For Obtaining A Customs Clearance License For Individuals?

1. To be Saudi or a citizen of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, according to the national identity, and residing in the Kingdom.                                                2. The applicant must be at least 21 years old.                                                                              3. To be able to carry out customs clearance work by himself.                                                  4. Pass the personal interview.                                                                                                        5. The customs clearance license must not have been previously canceled for reasons related to misuse of the license or due to his participation in any crime.                                6. Pass the test designated for this, which is organized by the Customs Training Institute.  7. Submit a certificate of absence of criminal record.                                                                8.  Pay the license issuance service fee.

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What Are The Conditions For Obtaining A Customs Clearance License For Institutions And Companies?

1. Submit through the customs portal an application for approval to grant a customs clearance license after obtaining the memorandum of association that stipulates the activity of customs clearance, or a copy of the commercial register of the institution or company, in which the activity of customs clearance is added.                                                2. Submit an unconditional bank guarantee or certified bank check in the name of a general manager.                                                                                                                                3. There should not be among the partners a person whose license has been canceled for reasons related to misuse of the license or due to participation in any crime.                        4. A statement showing the national address, contact numbers with him, and samples of his signature.                                                                                                                                      5 . Schematic drawing of the location of the headquarters of the license and the coordinates of the site.                                                                                                                  6.Provide a bank account number in the name of the institution or company to be used for financial transactions.

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What Are The Stages Of The Customs Clearance Process In Saudi Arabia?


The first stage:  

Its duration is one or two working days, which is the period when the container or container carrier arrives at the port and then unloads the containers.


The second stage:

In which the delivery permit is prepared, where the customs broker withdraws the delivery permit from the shipping agent.


The third stage:

In which the customs broker submits a customs value declaration form based on the submitted invoices.


The fourth stage:

In which the commodity is inspected and then the commodity is valued in the customs clearance process in Saudi Arabia, by sending customs agents through the Saudi customs authorities to take a sample and send it to the bidder in case the commodity needs the approval of the bidders.


The fifth stage:

The stage in which the customs broker pays the display expenses - if any - through the customs clearance process in Saudi Arabia, as well as the customs tax.


The sixth stage:

In which the customs broker contracts with an internal transport company, where the transport company performs its role in carrying the shipment and passing through the detection rays and then exiting the port.

The matter may take between five to seven working days in the event that the shipment was normal and there were no violations. To facilitate and organize this process, an agreement is made with technical companies to implement (accounting program) or an administrative system such as (ERP system) to help organize your business.

Jaah offers an administrative ERP system that helps in facilitating the organization of customs brokers work.

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